The Captain's Table

Our historically appointed "Captains Table" room features the worlds longest table cut from a single piece of timber. Seating up to 40 people, this magnificent table was made from a single piece of Blackbutt and measures almost 11 metres in length. The walls of this room are adorned with pictures, paintings and memorabilia from the days of the height of the river trade along the Clarence.

The "Captains Table" room is available for your event or function. Please contact Leanne or Richard for more information.

The Story of The Table

In the beginning Spiro Notaras makes the following statement (from the smallest table in the pub), "You know, Greg, if I can find a tree big enough, I could cut the table top in the one single slab from one log". Spiro finally finds his tree, a huge Blackbutt (eucalyptus Pilularis) reaching high above the canopy of "Wedding Bells" state forest near Woollgoolga, NSW.

The log, over 11 metres in length, and weighing 6 tonnes is transported to the J. Notaras and Sons sawmill in South Grafton where it is seasoned for 7 months. The legs are turned from Hoop Pine by brothers Joe and Paul McCabe using a converted metal lathe (donated to the project by Big River Timbers).

The finished table top is manoeuvered through a side window by a team of volunteers with only inches of clearance. The table was officially unveiled on 11/04/05 by Deputy Mayor Shirley Adams at a gala evening held in the function room.

Roches Family Hotel in Grafton, Northern NSW, Australia